Are There Any Good Cops Left?

One day I happened to go to downtown Charlotte to enlist some business reports and was advised to go from this structure to that. From this space to the following. I have an inability from a terrible fender bender, so in transit through one of the structures – which happened to have a portion of the lawbreaker as well as municipal courts I needed to sit and rest my back. The main spot to sit was inside one of these courts. So I sat and was astounded at what I heard.

It wasn’t what I gotten notification from the judge or collaborator head prosecutor that got me offguard. It was what I gotten notification from the police. They were there to respond in due order regarding the references and such they gave. As per the U.S. Constitution each individual is honest until demonstrated blameworthy. However, to these cops, that was not the situation. These individuals were alluded to as rubbish, inbreeds that had a place on Jerry Springer, and so forth… I caught supremacist comments, kids about the litigants, and so on all murmured between the cops. I thought these officials made a vow to maintain equity and American laws. It sure didn’t seem like it.

At that point I saw something much all the more exasperating. There were a couple of freak people in there, yet for the most part it was poor people and down and out in there. It was additionally generally dark individuals. As I glanced around there was not one rich or even working class individual present. The main individuals in these classes was the attorneys, collaborator DA and the judge. It was for the most part needy individuals that are endeavoring to marginally make it by. The dark woman I sat by was there to battle a speeding ticket and an unregistered tag. The Assistant DA came over and offered to drop one reference on the off chance that she would confess to the others. The woman’s answer –

“I was held after at my first employment and was racing to land to my subsequent position so I wouldn’t be late. I have just been late because of my first occupation Police Brutality Lawyers and my other activity on the ends of the week. I feared being terminated and I would lose my children to Social Services as I wouldn’t have the option to accommodate them. I have three occupations just to put nourishment on the table – I can’t manage the cost of even one of those fines. I can scarcely bear the cost of gas. Perhaps I should simply go on welfare.”

I couldn’t accept what I heard – This woman was maintaining 3 sources of income to accommodate her children. She wasn’t doing anything wreckless – her ticket was for going 5 miles over the speedlimit. There was no chance she was lying. This carried tears to my eyes – I took what cash I had in my pocket and enveloped it by a bit of paper and offered it to her when I exited. She required it more than I and it was the best activity. What has this world come to. We rebuff the individuals who would least be able to manage the cost of it – if this woman were rich she would have had her attorney deal with these things for her.