A Fascinating Night in An Exotic Arabian Desert!

An overnight desert safari into the quiet, mystical deserts of Abu Dhabi is the highlight of a trip to the Middle East. Tourists to this region always sign up for the desert experience, knowing that they won’t get anything like this anywhere else. Our desert safari is a unique package, put together to trigger excitement, joy and nostalgia for times past.

Our overnight desert safari tour comprises an exciting range of high-octane adrenalin-jerking activities including quad-biking, 4×4 dune-riding and camel safari into the dark desert. This is followed by an exotic belly dance in the tent, along with shisha & henna painting, plus a wonderful barbeque dinner and more.


The Beginning Of Your Journey


Arabs feel an intense devotion towards the desert, which has been the scene of the Arabic culture for millennia. The incredibly striking scenery of Abu Dhabi’s seemingly seamless red desert dunes beckon Arabs from all corners of the world, to come home. Now you can share in this legacy, by exploring the historical sands of the desert on an overnight safari.

Explore and enjoy the fascinating contrast of the red sands with the bluer than blue skies, and ponder on its absolute quiet. The silence of the desert is mystical – if you really focus, you can hear the strange susurration and the speech of the sand granules that are forever shifting among the dunes. So get away from the glamorous sights and sounds of the city and embark on the journey of a lifetime, into a different element, one that you will not forget easily.


First Step Into The Desert


We will pick you up at your hotel in a comfortable 4×4 vehicle, and take you to the desert via the most picturesque routes. As we enter the desert, you’ll see just how far it stretches and how silent and mysterious it is. After the heart-pounding 4X4 ride over tall dunes, we will welcome you into our traditional campsite, where you’ll enjoy a nice hot cup of Arabian coffee, or a soft drink. We don’t usually offer alcoholic drinks, but you can ask for them at additional charge. We’ll then entertain you with a traditional Tanura show, while henna artists paint your hands and feet. Smoke a traditional shisha pipe as you watch the entertainments unfold.


A delightful barbeque dinner awaits you next, complete with meat and vegetable barbecue, traditional Emirati barbecue sauces. Enjoy a few moments sitting outside the tent to take in the vibes of the desert all around you. When you’re ready for more, let us know and we’ll take you on a series of desert adventures. You can have all this fun and more, as part of our best deals for desert safari Abu Dhabi, at AED 350; a bargain!


A Series Of Adrenalin-Jerking Adventures!


We offer you a thrilling drive over dune in a 4X4 vehicle, an adventure that’s always had people clamouring for more. We also offer quad biking, dune bashing, snowboarding and other adventures, if you want them. Just let us know what other adventures you want to explore in the desert and we’ll make them happen for you. Enjoy an hour or two of exciting adventures on the desert till you’re worn out.


Exciting Camel Ride Just Like A True Bedouin


Next is a nice camel ride over the undulating dunes for a distance from the camp. You’ll be guided by a lead camel, whose rider will be carrying a lamp. Our camels are decorated with beads, bells, leather seats and colourfully woven blankets. Close your eyes and pretend you’re part of a caravan from ages ago. You’ll feel satiated with the good food, and feel calm as your breathing slows in time to the faint jingling of the camel’s bells.


Stopover For Sunset Photo Shoot


Here’s the chance of a lifetime; a desert sunset is one of the most spectacular sights of a lifetime. We’ll provide you with a tripod and sophisticated telephoto camera lenses to capture beautiful photographs of the desert sunset. If you like, you can dress up as traditional Bedouins and stand against the sunset with your traditionally-attired camel, and get your friends to take pictures of a true Bedouin. Many of our guests love to take such pictures of themselves while on the Abu Dhabi desert safari.